Why Bible College?

Want to Learn the Bible?

Bible school can help you to learn the Bible. It can train you to be a Missionary, a Bible teacher or a Christian worker locally as well as globally.

Many of our graduates are serving the Lord in Maryland, in the United States and “to the uttermost parts of the Earth”, such as Azerbaijan, Peru, South Korea, Europe, and Africa.

MBC&S at a Glance

Programs of Study

Pathfinder: 1 year certificate

Associate: 2 year degree

Bachelor of Arts: 4 year degree

MBC&S offers evening classes, the evening classes start at 6:10pm, Monday – Friday.

Free Video Class

Missions-Focused Training

Travel the world on mission trips, attend international conferences, or join other students on summer harvests trips.

Locally, take part in weekly evangelistic outreaches in surrounding communities.

Financial Aid

Discounts and Scholarships:

100% one year tuition scholarship (does not include app and registration fee),  for any high school graduate who has graduated within the previous 12 months.

30% discount for senior citizens (anyone over 62 years of age)

Financial Aid Program:

We want to work with you to determine if and how MBC&S can help with financial aid. The application for financial aid must be completed in person. If granted, financial aid is for one semester. Upon completion of one semester another application for financial aid must be submitted.

Visit us at 6023 Moravia Park Dr. Baltimore, MD 21206.

“Our goal is to help you prepare for whatever God has in store for your future. We stand behind our motto Come, Grow & Go!”


MBC&S is connected to a local church

Greater Grace Church is a Bible believing evangelical church that believes the Bible is inspired in every word, it is inerrant and our ultimate authority.

A local church offers students the opportunity to grow in ministry, christian education and to learn the Bible in a practical way. It also provides a fellowship for students living away from home. 

Visit Greater Grace at ggwo.org

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