Master of Arts in Ministry


The Master of Arts in Ministry is seen as the opportunity for continuance, furtherance, and relearning of some essential parts of ministry.
┬áSome of our leaders have recently completed Master’s and doctorate degrees in Counseling, Apologetics, and others in Pastoral Theology. MBCS is, therefore, now equipped to help to prepare students to minister more effectively, especially in a GGWO context.

More Information:

9 credit hours per year, (3 courses):
Two separate weeks of intensified classes per year, one in June, another in January.
Three credit hours per intensified session, and three credit hours of personal course work (two thirds of the classes taught through resident study, one third personal work).
Tuition for the Masters of Arts in Ministry
Tuition is scaled pricing according to current location. Some examples: US-based $100 per credit hour, most of Europe $60, Latin America $40, Africa $20.
All masters modules are free for audit students.