Tuition & Fees

For One, Two and Four years programs

Cost Per Credit Hour

Credit Hour $102
Est. 12 Hours (per semester) $1,224

Cost Per Audit Hour

Audit Hour $52
Est. 12 Hours (per semester) $624

Tuition for the Masters of Arts in Ministry

Tuition is scaled pricing according to current location.

Some examples: US-based $100 per credit hour, most of Europe $60, Latin America $40, Africa $20.

All masters modules are free to audit.

See registration info to log on and see your local pricing.


Application Fees

Domestic $20
International (non-refundable) $50
Graduate Program $50

FEES (non-refundable)

Registration for one semester $35
Extra Fee for Late Registration $35
Add/Drop, Status Change $25
Transcript Request $10
Expedited Transcript Fee $15
Library Fee for credit students one semester $10
Graduation Fee $50
Graduation payment late fee $25