Practicum Info

Practicum’s are an essential part of a Four year Biblical Studies major. They are the opportunity to find a task, project or program that will garnish an experience that you will enjoy in ministry while being edifying to the College.


The Purpose is Twofold:

1. To create the conditions necessary for a student to apply what they have been taught in their classroom at a higher ministry level than the Christian service requirement, with a goal to produce learning.

2. To demonstrate to the College what you have learned in your Bible College experience.


What Should I do for My Practicum?

Its preferred that you look to some area of ministry that you are not doing for your Christian service requirement. Discover your gifts, set a challenge, see examples below, have fun, but try not to take on something that is not expected of you.


Ideas and Examples:

Weekly Bible communication: GGCA, Bible Study, SCM class

In reach: assist P. Jason Moore with visitation leading, footsteps, follow up

Pastoral Assistant: assist a Pastor plant a church

Administrate in  Bible College or some form of educational outreach

Administrate a Project: Student Council, Yearbook, Banquet

Administrate a church plant or new outreach

Junior Church worker

Overseas or local Missions trip. (Students must be approved by the Missions office, preferred outside a regular semester).


How Do I Get Started?

Meet with Mathew Gahret as soon as the semester starts or attend the Practicum Meetings. Your Practicum should not be commenced until you have reached 60 credits. Many times students are active in a ministry that could qualify for Practicum Credit before the needed 60 credits have been reached, but we don’t recommend that. We would recommend you spend the same time in study, prayer and fulfilling your current class requirements.



Freshman and Sophomore ministry time is about TWO hours weekly in evangelism Junior and Senior ministry time is THREE hours in addition weekly in Practicum. Juniors and Seniors should plan on having this necessary FIVE hours weekly.

Plan now to have this time available, or make plans to do your practicum later.



At registration, sign up for the appropriate practicum internship below, charges are $125 per internship. Ideally, you commence right away. If you register late, within a semester, your grade will be calculated for the next semester. E.G. Register in October, receive credit at the end of the Spring semester, April, receive credit at end of Fall.

Fall of Junior Year: Internship I PRAC301

Spring of Junior Year: Internship I PRAC302

Fall of Senior Year: Internship II PRAC401

Spring of Senior Year: Internship III PRAC402


What Do I Need to do to Receive Credit?

  • Register for Credit
  • Submit monthly reports
  • Submit final four page report
  • Have mentor submit final evaluation report, (please note that your mentor will be contacted to ensure you are on task)

Failure to submit monthly reports will reduce grade by one letter for each month not reported or reported late.



Mathew Gehret, is the Practicum Coordinator. email him ( for an appointment. Please communicate if due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, you cannot complete your practicum.