Transcript Requests

Please fill out request form, we will verify your attendance and diploma’s granted, if any, and have your request completed within the timelines below.

Cost per copy:

  • 3 business days $25
  • 6 business days $10

Copy Diploma:
You can also request a copy of your Diploma, using the same form above.

Graduate Services:

On occasion, Colleges, employers or other requests have questions about MBCS faculty, course descriptions, course content, curriculum etc. We believe our current Catalog below to be the all encompassing document you and they need. As a policy, our transcript and this info is the extent of service we offer for these kind of requests. Specific questions can be asked of course:

MBCS relationship with SSB:
In 2009, the State of Maryland recognized that Stevens School of the Bible records were of a similar nature and content to MBCS that they could become part of the direct record of MBCS, to include GPA computation.