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Pathfinder Certificate

The Pathfinder Certificate is a set of recommended short-term courses that helps establish students as faithful Christians


Associate of Biblical Studies

The Associate of Biblical Studies Degree Curriculum focuses on a foundation in the Bible with fundamentals of the Christian faith


Bachelor of Biblical Studies

The Bachelor of Biblical Studies Degree Curriculum is a comprehensive and in-depth study of the Bible


Financial Aid, Discounts & Scholarships

MBC&S tuition and fees are low compared to most colleges, but we understand that some may have difficulties. Please apply for the Financial Aid Program and the questions to help us understand your situation and determine if and how MBC&S can help. Please understand that, if granted, the scholarship is for one semester. If needed, another application will have to be submitted.


Discount for senior citizens (anyone over 62 years of age)


One year tuition scholarship (does not include app and registration fee),  for any high school graduate who has graduated within the previous 12 months.


Bible Study Courses

Theology Courses

Missions Courses

Foundations Courses

Church Ministry Courses

Counseling Courses

Leadership Courses

Christian Education Courses

One-Year Pathfinder Certificate

Associate of Biblical Studies

Bachelor of Biblical Studies