In Three Steps:

Application   Acceptance   Registration

1. Fill out the online application form for International students or USA Students.

2. Print and read the Doctrinal statement (pdf). Please answer the questions at the end. Send it to MBCS along with the application form.

NOTE: It is not critical that you understand or agree with every detail, but you should be comfortable sitting under the teaching of the college. If you have any questions, please review this form with your pastor.

3. Include with your mail in application the non-refundable application fee of $50 and two small pictures for your file.

4. Print out the Pastoral Reference Form (pdf) and give/send it to your pastor to complete and send it to MBCS.

5. Print out the Leader Reference Form (pdf) and give/send it to a second church leader, school official, community leader or business person who knows you well. Have them complete it and send it to MBCS.

6. Send Transcript Request (pdf) to your previous college(s) or high school so that they would send your transcript(s) to MBCS. More about transcript requests.

7. Please write a one page essay of factors that led you to MBCS and attach it to your online application form.

8. Please write a one page essay of how you’ll utilize your MBCS experience and attach it to your online application form.

9. If you require College housing, please fill this form (Housing Form) and attach it to your online application form.

 MBCS mailing address: 

Maryland Bible College and Seminary 

6023 Moravia Park Drive 

Baltimore, MD 21206.

1. The Admissions Committee reviews your file and makes a decision regarding your acceptance to MBCS.

2. Your acceptance letter may include a Housing form (application + $300 deposit required) to complete and return to MBCS.

Exceptions to full acceptance to MBCS:

  • Applicants currently attending High School, over 16 years of age, can enroll for up to 3 credits without an acceptance letter.
  • Applicants without a High School Diploma can enroll for up to 3 credits, provided they continue towards an MBCS Diploma, they also complete a GED or similar.

1. New students must complete their registration in person at the student orientation and registration. For the fall semester this will take place the last week in August and for the spring semester, the 2nd week in January. Exact dates will come with your acceptance letter and will also be posted on the student calendar.

2. If you have transfer credits from another Bible College or seminary college, the Registrar will meet with you to discuss which courses transfer for MBCS credit. Make sure we have received all transcripts (from your previous college(s)) prior to registration. Please note that as the College only offers a Biblical Studies curriculum, many secular college credits do not transfer.

3. During registration you will talk to an adviser who helps you sign up for the appropriate classes:

4. Next you will visit the Finance Office to pay for tuition & fees. In summary there are two payment methods:

  • Pay-in-Full (10% tuition discount)
  • Or, sign up for the monthly payment plan

5. The last step is that you will get a picture taken for the yearbook.

NOTE: If you would like student housing, please complete this form and return as soon as possible: Housing Form
Online Application forms: