Associate of Biblical Studies


The Associate of Biblical Studies Degree Curriculum focuses on two areas.
First, it focuses on general education. Second, students receive some foundation in the Bible with fundamentals of the Christian faith. Upon completing the program, students may pursue a bachelor degree at MBCS or transfer the credits to another similar Bible institution.


Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to do the following:
a) Demonstrate a knowledge of the Bible and biblical intentions in the life of the believer.
b) Have a foundational understanding of what is the sound thinking of the spiritual person, the importance of biblical values, and the role of ministering Christ in society.
c) Have an orientation to the fundamental essentials of the faith, enabling one to explain his faith and engage in
beginning levels of leading others to Christ, discipleship, and ministry.
d) Understand the relationship of a proper preparation in the Word to face challenges in life.
An Associate of Biblical Studies may be awarded to students completing Years A and B of lower division courses, (60 credits).
Year A: Fall 2016/Spring 2017
Year B: Fall 2017/Spring 2018