Course Descriptions

Bible Study Courses

BIBL110 Bible Survey 1

Old Testament literature emphasizing prominent events, such as creation, the fall

of man, and the history of the covenant people and the prophets. It is presented

in its geographical, cultural, literary, and historical contexts. Students obtain a

growing proficiency in awareness of the content and value of the Old Testament.

BIBL120 Gospels

The first four books of the New Testament are examined according to their

history, relevance, life, teaching and offering of Jesus Christ.

BIBL130 Pauline Epistles 1

The book of Romans, written by the apostle Paul is read, studied, and examined

in its applicable and doctrinal settings.

BIBL140 Book of Acts

Students survey the book of Acts as well as study the lives of Peter, Paul,

Barnabas, Stephen and Philip and how they were able to proclaim the good

news of Christ’s victory to the uttermost parts of the earth.

BIBL210 Bible Survey 2

Students read the New Testament and study the principal features of its content,

purpose, and supremacy as God’s final Word. It is studied in the historical,

geographical context, including the inter testamental period, Judaism in the time

of Christ, fullness of time concepts, the life and ministries of Jesus and Apostles,

the Church.

BIBL220 Pentateuch

Course intends to introduce the message of the Pentateuch. It is a study of the

books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, showing how

they relate to Old Testament history and the eternal purpose of God. Through a

chapter by chapter thematic study, this course explores the contents, purpose

and practical relevancy behind these five books.

BIBL230 Pauline Epistles 2

The books of I & II Corinthians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1&2

Thessalonians and Philemon that the Apostle Paul wrote are studied and

examined in their applicable and doctrinal settings.

BIBL240 Psalms & Wisdom Literature

Students read and discuss the value of the O.T. poetical writings in view of the

N.T. The text is studied doctrinally and practically.

BIBL310 Hebrews & General Epistles

Course magnifies Christ as the Supreme Redeemer in Hebrews; our Great

Physician in James, our Chief Shepherd in 1 and 2 Peter; and our Coming King

in Jude. Christology will be revealed through the majesty of his redemption and

forgiveness in early church times of persecution and apostasy.

BIBL320 Old Testament Prophets

Students explore the writings of the major and minor prophets in relation to their

historical contexts, and the development of biblical truth.

BIBL410 Old Testament Historical Books

The books of Joshua through Esther covering the history of Israel and Judah of

that time period are studied in their contexts: historical, doctrinal, spiritual and

practical. The text is studied doctrinally and practically.

BIBL420 1-3 John & Revelation

Purpose of this course is to provide the student with a thorough understanding of

I, II, III John and Revelation by means of reading and utilizing textual, categorical

and exegetical study. A sensible, balanced hermeneutically sound approach will

be taken with the book of Revelation in understanding both its immediate

application to our lives and its prophetic content in these last days.

Theology Courses

THEO100 Intro to Theology

New students learn to succeed in their call to study at Bible College, general

background in fundamental, cardinal Bible teachings; and practical Christian

living doctrines.

THEO120 Church History 1

The class will examine world history through the Reformation Period. Specific

emphasis will be made on the role of the Christian Church and, to some extent,

the place of Israel in the context of these eras.

THEO110 Survey of Doctrine 1

The first of a two semester examination of the cardinal doctrines of the Christian

faith including bibliology, theology of the Godhead, Christology, biblical

anthropology, hamartiology, and angelology.

THEO210 Survey of Doctrine 2

The second of a two semester examination of the cardinal doctrines of the

Christian faith including Pneumatology, soteriology, ecclesiology and


THEO200 Hermeneutics

Students receive practice in proper habits of Bible Reading and study,

interpretation, and the use of proper reference, linguistic, and contextual tools.

Students also examine the history of hermeneutical lessons and the biblically-
oriented principles and methods that came from them.

THEO220 Church History 2

An examination of the story of the church from the Reformation to the present

day with an emphasis on the pivotal people, places, and developments in the

Christian movement.

THEO300 Biblical Languages

Hebrew alphabet, basic biblical Hebrew vocabulary, facility in use of biblical

Hebrew word study tools, participles, clausal contractions and and reading skills

in Hebrew. Students will acquire the ability to read New Testament Greek;

comprehend and decipher noun morphology, verb morphology, prepositions and

articles; and will learn a minimum of 140 NT vocabulary words per course.

Missions Courses

MISS100 Discipleship

Part of the Bible college four pillars of ministry, including Intro to Missions,

Practical Ecclesiology, Methods of Evangelism. This course presents the ministry

of establishing believers in a systematic and thorough way.

MISS110 Methods of Evangelism

Students explore what the terms evangelism and soul-winning really imply in

terms of the biblical pursuit of a lifestyle desired by God. They examine how the

Great Commission affects the church of Christ locally and individually; the

teaching “to Go”, effectiveness using practical variations, popular approaches,

illustrations, modeling, practice, and implementation.

MISS120 Introduction to Missions

This course presents a broad historical overview and interesting cross-field

samplings of mission life. It is also the foundation course for all other missions

courses and for the missions viewpoint. Students review Scriptures that reveal

that all believers are intended by God to be missionary disciples with a call and a

vision founded on the Scriptures. Emphasis is given to the modern trends and

problems specific to missions in various cultures, tasks, and relationships.

MISS210 Apologetics

Extended evangelism, providing a general survey of the several views that

describe the evidence of Christian faith in response to different systems of


MISS220 Church Planting

The course covers the doctrinal foundation for establishing local, indigenous

churches as the direct effect of mission work. It also reviews the technical

aspects of world evangelism and missionary organizations involved in planting


MISS410 Cross Cultural Evangelism

Students become aware of the major world families of religions, religious cults,

and specific challenges that are often encountered by missionaries today. This

study serves to sharpen the student’s facility to express his own beliefs, counter

false beliefs, and strengthen weak areas in believers.

Foundations Courses


A verse-by-verse examination of the Book of Romans taught via video by the late

Carl H. Stevens Jr., founder of Maryland Bible College and Seminary. Pastor

Stevens provides an extraordinary, well-researched exposition of the text that

gives students sound principles for life application.

Church Ministry Courses

MINI320 Intro to Church Ministries

This course introduces the practical ministry of the church. It offers a doctrinally

sound, practical, and wisdom filled overview of church ministry through a look at

three of her prevalent ministries, Youth, Outreach, and Music.

Students learn Biblical premises for these ministries, practical and spiritual

insight in developing them and serving in them, vision and understanding

of the people they minister to, and divine wisdom that is applicable to any church


MINI310 English for Church Ministry

To provide students with an understanding of English composition in the context

of church communication and activity. Students learn different strategies of

organization that can be applied in any language and develop their reading

comprehension and writing expression skills.

Counseling Courses

COUN200 Biblical Psychology

Students are made aware of the human psyche in light of biblical teaching,

including understandings of human growth, emotional and mental health.

COUN310 Counseling Fundamentals

Students examine the basic concepts and tools used in Christian psychological

educative and facilitative counsel, especially within the advantages of the

doctrine of grace.

COUN410 Critical Counseling Issues

Students explore and discuss leading counseling studies, recommendations and

procedures, and liability in key areas confronting the church. Detail is given in

preparing for biblical guidance in typical areas, i.e.: divorce, infidelity, affects of

poverty, substance abuse, spouse abuse, self abuse, child abuse,

homosexuality, or other anti-social problematic behaviors and situations.

Leadership Courses

LEAD310 Leadership 1

Students will survey I Timothy, key doctrines in reference to this epistle in New

Testament leadership. Practical and personal applications will be presented in

relation to the church and the Christian life.

LEAD410 Leadership 2

Students will survey II Timothy and Titus, key doctrines in reference to this

epistle in New Testament leadership. Practical and personal applications will be

presented in relation to the church and the Christian life.

LEAD320 Leadership 3

The course will survey great men of the Bible and the foundational principles of

their lives and walks with God. Key doctrines will be taught in reference to the

men of God throughout the Old Testament and New Testament.

LEAD420 Leadership 4

Students will learn the personal disciplines and relationships which are essential

in the life of a Christian leader such as the leaders relationship with God, the

Body of Christ and the world.

LEAD400 Homiletics

Students will come to a better understanding of the importance of the believer’s

personal life with Christ, the value of God’s Word, thought and expression with

the local assembly. Students will become active communicator’s of God’s

thoughts learning various aspects of teaching; Sunday school, pulpit ministry,

small group Bible study, street preaching, one on one evangelism and leading

group discussions

LEAD430 Practical Ecclesiology

The church is studied from the viewpoint of eschatology, ecclesiology,

organization and practical church life.

LEAD440 Principles of Church Administration

MBCS curriculum by design consists primarily of Bible training and practical

ministry with a view to producing pastors, missionaries, and Christian workers.

However, there are certain skills and specialized areas of knowledge vital to

running an organization that LEAD 440 imparts in an intensified one semester

course. Students will be taught principles of organizational management,

corporate governance, finance, affiliation and liability, not necessarily explicit in

scripture but all approached from a Biblical viewpoint.

Christian Education Courses

EDUC 310 Intro. to Christian Education

This course studies Christian Education in a broad context of every form of

Biblical Education from the Sunday school class to the Bible Study to the Bible

College class. Students receive class preparation skills, delivery methods and

course preparation skills.

EDUC410 Essentials of Teaching

Essentials of Teaching is a 3 credit course on the subject of teaching from a

biblical point of view. The course makes use of Dr. Howard Hendricks’ book and

video series “The 7 Laws of the Teacher” as well as other resources. Students

study topics such as communication, motivation, lesson planning, assessment,

and learning since all believers have been commissioned by Christ to teach in

some capacity. Students are expected to make regular contributions to class

discussions both in class and on-line.