MBCS has around 200 students, 20 staff.

Tuition costs are very low at MBCS ($102 per credit hour), anyone who desires to study the Word of God can do so in an affordable way.

High School Graduates who enter MBCS the same year, receive a One year tuition scholarship. Summer classes are Free for Audit. (The College does not participate in any federal or state based financial aid programs). See our financial aid info.

One of the major advantages of MBCS classes is that they are ALL held at EVENING times.

You could work full time, attend another College full time, take care of your family and still attend MBCS full time in the evening. Classes commence at 6pm and end no later than 10pm.

MBCS offices and library are open during business hours as well.

Students attending MBCS simply need to be recommended by MBCS to qualify for the “Student Housing Program”. The Student Housing Program provides affordable and convenient housing to those who qualify. Some students rent houses or apartments independently. MBCS is not responsible for lease agreements or contracts relating to rentals outside of the Student Housing Program. MBCS is available to offer suggestions regarding housing.

Generally speaking, our teachers are church planters who have been missionaries on the foreign field or domestically.

6023 Moravia Park Drive, Baltimore, MD, 21206

MBCS originates from the evangelical ministry of Pastor Carl H. Stevens, who founded MBCS in 1988, P. Schaller continues to carry this world wide vision forward today. As an indigenous ministry, MBCS exists under the spiritual covering of Greater Grace World Outreach. This unique and dynamic relationship between the GGWO local church, allows MBCS students to correlate education in the classroom with training on the field. Graduates often co-labor with GGWO and other local churches in church planting, and assist over 650 affiliated churches worldwide in missions, leadership training, evangelistic outreach, and Christian day schools. Find out more about attending a local church.