MBCS Welcomes International Applications

It is our privilege to train international students in Biblical studies, church leadership and missions. A Bible college education at MBCS equips students with a foundation for success in many areas of ministry. Our international graduates have been great assets as they return and serve in their local areas and around the world.

Step 1: Academic Acceptance

Step 2: Financial Certification

Step 3: Other Necessary Parts of Your Application

Step 4: Wait to Hear

Academic Acceptance

Before applying, please consider the minimum requirements:

1. High school diploma or similar

2. 12 credits minimum transferable from an MBCS extension school or GGWO affiliate (Applicants who have just completed high school may be made exempt from this requirement and some other applicants in very rare circumstances)

3. Capability of taking classes entirely in English

Apply Online (but ensure you follow up with ALL parts of your application)

Financial Certification

Applicants must have a funding plan for their time at MBCS given that employment is not allowed on the F-1 visa other than On Campus Employment, (OCE is extremely limited and not guaranteed). If your application needs OCE to succeed, please apply. (OCE will not cover all your expenses).

Tuition costs are low; living expenses, which MBCS has no control over, are about 2/3 of the total cost. The costs can be funded through your own personal funds, a family or church sponsor or by applying for on campus employment. All funding must be verified; MBCS may request a significant down payment.

Financial Certification Form

The College estimates the student’s costs for an academic term of 10 months are:

Tuition and Fees: $2,500

Rent, food, transportation, living expense: $7,500

Total:   $10,000

Other Necessary Parts of Your Application

1. A hand written, one page essay of factors that led you to consider Bible College.

2. A hand written, one page essay of how you will utilize your Bible College experience.

3. A Doctrinal Statement form(pdf) that you have read to ensure you are aware of the teachings of MBCS.

4. A Housing Application Housing Form

5. Application fee $50. This can be submitted on ggwo.org, use “donate now”, specify “MBCS Tuition Payments Only”. In the comment section please specify “Application Fee”.

6. Proof of capability to study and complete class in English (MBCS may ask for a TOEFL score).

7. On Campus employment application if needed  OCE application will be sent after you’ve been approved.

8. Print out the Pastoral Reference Form (pdf) and give/send it to your pastor to complete and send it to MBCS.

9. Print out the Leader Reference Form (pdf) and give/send it to a second church leader, school official, community leader or business person who knows you well. Have them complete it and send it to MBCS.

10. Please include an Official transcript of college or institution.

Forms can be sent via mail or attached to email to gcannon@mbcs.edu

Wait to Hear

When all parts of your application are complete, on file and compliant with MBCS and US Federal law requirements, it is processed through an International Student Committee within the timeline set out below.

The committee’s discretion is paramount to any decision. Even if all US Federal law requirements and MBCS requirements are met, no applicant is guaranteed acceptance.

Timeline, Fall semester commencing early September 2019

Completed application received before:Decision communicated with applicant:
March 31April 30
April 30May 31
May 31July 31

These dates are a general guideline. The committee may need further information, may consult the local Pastor and may conduct a phone interview. Applicants should allow 3-6 months to complete the admissions process.

Applications received after July 31st for the Fall semester, will only be processed in exceptional circumstances.

If you have not heard from the College within these timelines, please contact us


1. We are happy to receive and process your application. Please honor the college by adhering to these important guidelines

2. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure their application is complete; we will not be sending you reminders.

3. From time of completed application, you can expect to hear a definite decision within the timelines set out.

4. Please do not contact MBCS by email or phone to see how your application is progressing unless you have not heard from us within the timelines outlined.

5. MBCS cannot discuss your application while it is in process. We may contact you to clarify some information.

6. We have a policy of not discussing your application with others. We may contact your local Pastor. Those that you know and have contact with here in the United States cannot be given information about your application.

7. On Campus Employment (OCE) positions are limited and not guaranteed. Assessments are made based on income per capita of the applicant’s country and verifiable skill level, and are prioritized towards leadership potential

8. If OCE is being offered to you, that information will be part of your acceptance letter and I-20. If MBCS is satisfied that you can successfully fund your tuition and housing without OCE, that information will be part of your acceptance letter.

9. To travel to the United States, a code will be issued which you will use to set up an appointment with a US Embassy or Consular office.