One-Year Pathfinder Certificate


This set of recommended short-term courses helps establish students as faithful Christians.

It provides some initial qualification for basic Christian ministry. It will aid short-term students tremendously in their endeavors. They are more likely to be sound spiritually and advocate biblical viewpoint. They are less likely to abandon the faith or succumb to insecurities and doubts about their convictions.


Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to do the following:
a) Demonstrate a knowledge of the basic introductory aspects of the Bible and biblical intentions in the life of the believer.
b) Have a foundational understanding of what is the sound thinking of the spiritual person, the importance of biblical
values, and the role of ministering Christ in society.
c) Have an orientation to the fundamental essentials of the faith, enabling one to explain his faith and engage in beginning levels of leading others to Christ, discipleship, and ministry.
d) Understand the relationship of a proper preparation in the Word to face challenges in life.
Students completing 30 credits from either Year A or Year B qualify for the one-year certificate.
Year A: Fall 2016/Spring 2017
Year B: Fall 2017/Spring 2018