Aspiring Pastors - Pastoral School

  • Program Details:
    • Topics covered : Since the idea of the Pastoral School is to prepare candidate for the ordination in their local church, the program will aim at evaluating the candidate’s knowledge and convictions on key doctrines/topics and also the candidate’s character, gifts of leadership.
    • Schedule: 15-20 hours per seminar . Each seminar should have main sessions and group discussions with an ordained pastor for a closer evaluation. At the end of the session or sessions a written recommendation will be sent to the local pastor and to the candidate as well. The final decision to ordain will depend on the local church.
    • Pricing: The program is free.
    • Admission: Only candidates with a 2 year Bible College experience and a pastoral recommendation  (from HIS pastor) will be admitted. Ordained pastors will also be invited for a double purpose :
      • Help in discussion with pastoral candidates
      • Be refreshed in the foundations of pastors training