Brief History

MBC&S originates from the evangelical ministry of Pastor Carl H. Stevens, who founded MBC&S in 1988, P. Tom Schaller continues to carry this world wide vision forward today. As an indigenous ministry, MBC&S exists under the spiritual covering of Greater Grace World Outreach (GGWO). This unique and dynamic relationship between the GGWO local church, allows MBC&S students to correlate education in the classroom with training on the field. Graduates often co-labor with GGWO and other local churches in church planting, and assist over 550 affiliated churches worldwide in missions, leadership training, evangelistic outreach, and Christian day schools. Please see to find out more about attending the local church.

On January 5, 1988, the State Board for Higher Education recognized that Maryland Bible College & Seminary satisfied all criteria for the status of a religious degree-granting institution as set forth in Section 12-203 of the Educational Article. As such, Maryland Bible College and Seminary may operate and grant degrees in religious disciplines without a certificate of approval.

MBCS is a non accredited institution.