//Christian College in Maryland

MBC&S is a Christian College in Maryland

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We serve students in the community around us as well as a diverse international group of students. We are affiliated with Greater Grace Church which has over 500 churches worldwide. Many of the those churches send students to Bible school to be trained in a personal faith as well as in the aspects of public ministry.

Why Maryland?

It is our privilege to serve the great state of Maryland, in particular Baltimore City and the surrounding counties. Baltimore is a uniquely placed city, within three hours driving you have New York City, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. These are not just large cities but they are international hubs for travel too and from the USA. MBC&S is a school with an international vision. Summer and Winter trips abroad, lead by experienced Pastors and Missionaries, become apart of normal student life.

Faith Based

Here is something christiancolleges.com said…

“For students looking for an exclusively faith-based higher education experience, Maryland Bible College and Seminary offers a wide variety of majors in all aspects of Christianity and ministry, and also offers a range of online and distance learning possibilities.”

We are a Faith Based Christian College. We believe our degree program in Biblical studies is one of the best in the state. Our courses are taught by experienced Pastors and teachers, with not only an academic background, but some having forty or more years of practical eduction as well. See our course descriptions to find out in more detail what we have to offer.

What We Teach

MBC&S is a Bible oriented Christian College with very clear and outlined views on many topics within the Christian community. You can read our full statement of faith. Above all we believe what the Bible teaches and we teach what the Bible teaches. If you come to MBC&S you will get a sound teaching based in the Bible. You will get access to men and women with years of experience not just teaching, but actually living what they have been taught.

One example is Pastor Stephen Scibelli. He teaches one of Friday nights classes called Leadership – 2nd Timothy and Titus. Pastor Scibelli went to Africa in the mid-eighties and planted churches in Ghana and Uganda. Through his leadership Greater Grace now has over two-hundred churches in Africa.

Why We Think We are the Best

Would you want to go to a college that didn’t think it was the best?

Really, we know we are just one of many very good schools in the state. That being said we respect the leading of God in any students decision to join our Bible College. God is preparing the right students to join us and He is doing that in His perfect timing.

We believe we can offer a unique education, that puts the God and the Bible at the center, combine that with an incredible experienced faculty and you have the making of something special.

If your looking for a Christian College in Maryland come by some time and sit in on a class or two for free.

We are located at 6023 Moravia Park Dr. Baltimore, MD 21206.

Or give us a call toll free at 800.528.2027