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Meet the students who call MBCS and Baltimore, their home. See how they’re being shaped by God to fulfill His work in their life.

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          The Baltimore region carries a long and rich history. Its situation on a tributary of the Patapsco River with its connection to the Chesapeake Bay gave Baltimore a significant role in the development of the United States as a nation. It was here that a significant naval battle vs. the British was endured in 1812; it was this fight that inspired the writing of America’s anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner.”
          The city developed around a favorable port, located further inland the others on the East Coast of North America, and this port propelled it to a strong base for manufacturers and shippers. The port remains one of the busiest.
          Situated just 40 miles north of Washington, the U.S. capital, Baltimore has always had a strong attraction to immigrants from all over the world as well as a strong draw for those from the southern reaches of the nation.  The city continues to be a patchwork of neighborhoods with multiethnic and multicultural character.
          The surrounding area is also diverse. One will find it easy to reach the ocean in the East and the mountains to the West via short drives. Just hours away to the Northeast are the metropolitan centers of Philadelphia and New York City.
          Baltimore’s port and inland location also served to bring several missionary pioneers to these shores. Among the groups who sought to evangelize the native populations in the American interior were the Methodists and the Moravians. Storied circuit rider and preacher Francis Asbury had his base at Lovely Lane Methodist Church in the city.
         Significantly, the area where MBCS and Greater Grace Church are located once featured a sizeable Moravian settlement and the area is still called Moravia Park. A Bohemian cemetery that dates to that era is just a few miles from the campus.
          Greater Grace established itself in Baltimore in the summer of 1987. That same fall featured the inaugural semester of Maryland Bible College and Seminary.
          The ministry in Maryland represents the continuation of the work founded and led by the late Pastor Carl H. Stevens, who started the Bible Speaks World Outreach in Maine. The church ministry and Bible College later relocated to Lenox, in the Berkshire Mountain region of western Massachusetts, before heading to Baltimore.